Story of Ritzy Zevars

Ritzy zevars was born on a fine eve of July 11, 2020 in basement of my house, where 2 of my closest friends met and we brainstormed the idea of having a small business flourish during harsh Covid-19 pandemic. 

We began researching on products and finally placed a small order of 7 gorgeous sets! We worked together and created a plan to distribute responsibilities. Fast forward a month, we were already into conversations with multiple wholesalers placing custom jewelry orders for our clients. 

The boom was someone expected and we opened our online store and it was a dream come true! Learning about posting on Instagram, setting up work stations for photography and continuous research on small details led to unimaginable results.

Looking back at time, the sleepless nights are totally worth it!

I would encourage anyone trying to embark on the journey of opening any kind of small business.

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